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Dig In And Get Moving

     January 16, 2016 0 Comments

Well “Hello Winter” and welcome…..I think ; (
I have never been a fan of snow. Not me….Nope! I would much rather have my toes buried in sand thank you, but it’s here and if there is any good to come of it, it will be the exercise I reap from shovelling today. As I was pondering the thought of getting my layers on and getting outside, I couldn’t help but wonder how many people might find themselves “stuck” today on our first real blast of winter. That dreaded feeling of getting stopped in your tracks and spinning your wheels. That feeling of helplessness that hits you when you realize you have to get yourself moving again. It occurred to me how quickly we react to getting stuck in the snow. We know we can’t stay there; we have to get out of the way, ask for help, roll up our sleeves and do whatever it takes to get to our destination. Why then do we not respond so quickly, when we feel stuck in life? Why is it we are so content to sit there for a while just spinning our wheels? Is it because there is often no immediate danger or consequence? Or do we have some unconscious belief that if we stay “stuck” long enough, someone will push us out? So what is your tactic for becoming “unstuck”? Are you the type who is prepared with a shovel and methodically gets out, clears a path and diligently digs yourself out or are you the type who frantically throws the car into forward and reverse repeatedly hoping by some miracle that you’ll get enough momentum to propel yourself forward? Perhaps you’re even the type to prorcratinate, distract yourself….. (text people, you’ll be late,post it on fb)… clean off the car, get out and just stand there….not sure what to do. Ultimately, what usually works best will depend on how badly you want to get to your destination and being open to whatever methods, help or “push” is required to get you moving again. Dig in!!

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